First Step Family Support Center

About Us

We support parents and families so that they can maximize their individual potentials as they progress throughout their lives. ~ Nita Lynn, Executive Director


First Step Family Support Center believes that parents are their child’s first teacher as well as their first emotional “home”. In an effort to support parents in their crucial role, we offer maternity support, parenting education classes, home-visiting programs, and center-based activities so that families have the advantage in raising healthy and happy children.

Since 1972, First Step Family Support Center has worked for and with families in Clallam County.

We actively evolve our services as the needs of the community and the families we serve change. Today, the relevance and importance of family support is stronger than ever.

In 2019, we touched the lives of 5,480 individuals by providing parenting education, home-visiting programs, advocacy, support groups, and access to vital health and safety information and supplies. All of our programs are free or paid for by Medicaid.


Coordinators, Advocates & Educators

Child Passenger Safety

Coordinator: Emily Rosado, BA

Infant Case Management

Case Managers: Melissa Harris, ABS; Emily Rosado, BA; Krista Hannan, AA; Ashley Bawden, BA; Helen Kenoyer, AA; Erin Cassinelli, BS

Kaleidoscope Learn & Play Programs

Port Angeles Coordinator: Krista Hanan, AA
Brinnon Coordinator: Alicia Simmons
Port Hadlock Coordinator: Darcy Reeder
Sequim Coordinator: Kaylee Cammack

Maternity Support Services

Supervisors: Nita Lynn, MAEd
Behavioral Health Specialists: Bryanne Stewart, BHS
Community Health Workers: Stacy Graves; Krista Hanan, AA; Melissa Harris, ABS; Helen Kenoyer; Nicole Merrigan, BS; Emily Rosado, BA; Ashley Bawden, BA; Erin Cassinelli, BS
Nurse Home Visitors: Dorothy Frascati, RN; Laura Dotlich, RN; Hannah Nelson, RN

Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

Clinical Supervisor: Christina Miko, MS
Advocates: Sunny Allen, BS; Grace Bell, BA; Lili Muth, BA; Sue Schwarz, BS; Vicky Massey, BA; Shara Sala, BA; Vianey Cadenas BA
Office Assistant: Shayla Rickerson

Parents as Teachers Program

Supervisors: Nita Lynn, MAEd; Melissa Harris, ABS
Parent Educators: Stacy Graves; Krista Hanan, AA; Helen Kenoyer, CDP; Nicole Merrigan, BS; Emily Rosado, BA; Erin Cassinelli, BS

Parent Education Classes

Instructor: Krista Hanan, AA

Port Angeles Drop-In Center

Coordinator: Erin Cassinelli

Safe Sleep Program

Coordinator: Dorothy Frascati, RN

Sequim Drop-In Center

Coordinator: Contact Carmen Geyer

Summer Adventure Camp

Instructor: Georgia Nickerson
Assistant: Jeff Tocher

Supportive Parenting Program

Parent Educators: Stephanie Steinman; Dorothy Frascati, RN

Board of Directors

President: Kathy Murphy-Carey
Vice President: Paul Stutesman
Secretary: John Wegmann
Treasurer: Norm Schaaf
Orville Campbell
Tracey Hosselkus
Trisha Hoagland
Resa Yamamoto
Don Hoy

Administrative Team

Executive Director: Venita Lynn, MAEd
Fiscal Manager: Priscilla Schaefer, BAS
Office/Facilities Manager: Carmen Geyer
Human Resources/Administrative Assistant: Jordynn Rauch, BBA